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Single Housing Register in Conwy

Single Housing Register in Conwy

The way that you apply for social housing and how homes are allocated in Conwy has changed.

Conwy County Borough Council and all the Housing Associations in the county are working in partnership to make it easier for people to apply for social housing.

There’s now just one housing register in the county and all properties are allocated from that single register. Previously the Council and each housing association had their own housing registers and prospective tenants had to apply to each separately.

The new system aims to make it easier to apply for social housing and make the housing register easier to understand.

Under the new system, people who apply for social housing will be assessed to see if they meet certain statutory criteria, which will determine their level of housing need. They will also be assessed as to their local connection with the area and community in which they want to live. The new system has a number of bands and only those people in the greatest and most urgent need will be in the higher bands and therefore get priority for housing.

Housing Solutions will offer and discuss the best housing options with each customer depending on their circumstances. Advice will cover the whole range of affordable housing options, including social housing, private rented accommodation, home ownership and other available alternatives.

If you are applying for a home in Conwy, you must make an application to: 0300 1240050.

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05 Jun 2015 15:11